Triangular Man

About the author

The author uses the pen name of Polaris. Born in Tunisia, France then became the home of her upbringing. Married to an Englishman, she completed her language studies of English and Russian in Britain and equipped herself with a college education. She received a professional certificate of Education, a BA, and her thesis for her MA was entitled The situation of Russian Jewry, 1881-1915.

The Author is currently living in Jerusalem, and enjoying every minute of it.

Always with the drive for writing, Polaris completed a biography in French called L’Etat Humain and in 1985 a book entitled The Spiritual and Physical Wings of Man and Woman.


This is the work of an unreasonable person who tries to understand the ways of G-d and His justice. A leitmotiv pattern appears in all spheres of life, expressing the unity of G-d. This is also a book to be used as a soul survival kit for both Jews and non-Jews. Once G-d is put on earth, our job is to emulate Him in all possible ways.